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The Human Givens Approach

We have arrived at the point where the world has over 300 recognisable approaches to Therapy with some clearly better than others. The world of counselling/psychotherapy is a vastly different place to what it was even ten years ago. Many approaches have within them valuable and important insights but there is a risk that those insights can get bogged down by dogma and excessive form.

The HG approach along with its own extensive research takes freely from the best of the other approaches and when informed by the latest Neuro-biological insights on brain function, provides safe powerful tools to offer a fast, solution focused therapy. Along with this are insights taken from other traditions and cultures around the world. All this allows an HG therapist to start at a point appropriate to their clients needs, not the other way around.

In essence the HG approach recognises that as people we all have innate needs. Just as a plant needs water soil light and warmth to flourish (its Givens) so people have needs all be it vastly more complex, these are the Human Givens. If our needs are being met reasonably in balance then as with the plant we flourish if they are not we can often rapidly find ourselves heading into difficulties.