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While we tend to associate the term "addiction" with substance or alcohol misuse the truth is that we can become addicted to very many other things as well, for example, Gambling, Anger, Violence, or, Sex. There are many common myths about addiction such as:

Only a former addict can help an addict
Once and addict always an addict.
Only belief in a higher power can help
Addiction is inbred and biological
The only solution is medical treatment and membership of a recovery group

The social learning model would suggest in these ways and more:

Addiction is a way of coping with yourself and your world.
Addiction can be outgrown.
Those without an addiction problem are the best model.
Getting better is not a matter of believing in dogma. you can develop your own power to get better.

Rhumi wrote "counterfeiters exist because there is such a thing as real gold". The truth is we are all susceptible to the danger of exaltation without effort. Addiction is not so much about any chemical dependency though stopping too rapidly for some can be very dangerous. It is about our natural processes becoming hijacked as we use a chemical or behaviour as a substitute for getting our needs met properly. Even the withdraw symptoms that so many fear often relate more to the part of our brain that has become so used to the chemical being there that it sends alarm signals out rather than any real need for the chemical as levels drop. A human given therapist understands all this and more which enables them to vastly reduce the power of withdrawal and rapidly aid recovery.