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O.C.D or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a wide ranging and complex disorder some research indicates that there are sufferers who have developed O.C.D after a Streptococcus infection and others after a brain injury. It seems though that for most it is a condition brought about by extreme anxiety, stress or sometimes trauma. it is exemplified in different ways:

Recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses, or images that are intrusive and cause marked distress.
The above are not representative of real life issues
The person recognises that the thoughts are a product or their own mind and not imposed from without.
Repetitive behaviours
At some point the sufferer recognises the compulsions are excessive or unreasonable despite doing them.
The behaviours cause marked distress taking more than an hour a day or significantly interfere with the persons routine.

O.C.D needs to be treated one step and one behaviour at a time with the Human Given therapist using their detailed knowledge of how to alleviate anxiety and stress. Along side this the nine innate human needs need to be addressed in balance and if needed the rewind technique can be used to help switch of arousals associated with the problem behaviour.